Universal Generator Parts Replacement Kit for 0J8478 Air and 070185E Oil with 490155T Spark Plugs

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Universal Generator Parts Air Filter Direct Replacement for Generac Air Filter OJ8478. Fits all Generac V-Twin 999 cc engines. 14kW-22kW Evolution Series (2013+) Air-Cooled Units. Used on Generac/Guardian, Centurion, Honeywell, Watchdog, Siemens & Eaton.
Universal Generator Parts Oil Filter 0868539E Direct Replacement for Generac Oil Filter 070185E 90 Logo Orange Pre Box Extended Series 070185ES. 90mm Higher capacity filter and 30% more than the standard filter. Fits Generac, Guardian, Centurion, Watchdog, Dayton, Siemans & Carrier air-cooled standby units. Replaces 070185E, 070185B, 070185D, 070185F. Fits all Generac generator units up to 22 Kw.  
Universal Generator Parts 490155T Spark Plugs Direct Replacement for Briggs & Stratton 491055T/805015/72347/491055 and Champion RC12Y. 
You will receive (1) Air Filter, (1) Oil Filter and (2) Spark Plugs.